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CABILUX - Mosaic
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The Cabilux permanent improvement process to better serve its customers is a concept shared by all the participants of the Mosaic Consortium.
Created in 2003, Mosaic is the first Moroccan Consortium that gathers six major textile players. Based in Casablanca, it aims at offering its partners proactive solutions for permanent improvement.

  • The Consortium’s approach is based on :
    • Emulation and experience sharing, each company of the consortium playing a leader role for the other.
    • Synergies and economies of scale while exploring new business opportunities, purchasing inputs, training staff and defining strategic approach.
    • Monitoring and benchmarking at all levels: Commercial, technological, HR … Every company being responsible for a pole (e.g. « Quality Management System » pole for Cabilux).
    • A common pavilion for promotion and exportation.
  • Mosaic is also ethics :
    • Transparency
    • Respecting customers, providers and partners
    and a shared vision of the company : Mosaic members commit themselves to have the same approach for social development through permanent training of their staff.
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